Zanzibar holidays: your luxury accommodation and treats

Are you ready for a magical Zanzibar vacation?

A luxury accommodation in Zanzibar is ideal to enjoy a place out of time, where India meets Africa in an evocative blaze of colors, aromas and flavors. A holiday in Zanzibar is a real journey of Africa, an escape into a still unspoiled natural paradise, where protected species live and where the sunsets are a breathtaking spectacle.

Zanzibar is composed of groups of islands and islets of different sizes, located about 40 km from the coasts of the United Republic of Tanzania and is the ideal place for a romantic getaway for a couple, for a holiday in one of the many luxurious family resorts or simply for a relaxing stay in a 5-star luxury resort.

Here are some ideas to best enjoy your next Zanzibar holiday.

crystal clear sea, breathtaking seabed and incredible underwater fauna

Zanzibar luxury accommodation

The luxury villas are definitely not lacking on the beautiful island that is considered the pearl of the Indian Ocean: if you want a luxury accommodation in Zanzibar, you will be spoiled for choice.

If you love water sports you should stay in a luxury resort on the north west coast, characterized by a wild tropical nature and surrounded by coral reefs, such as the beautiful Villa Fuku.

If you are looking for a quiet couples holiday instead, you could go for the all-inclusive romantic resort on Zanzibar's south east coast: Le Palme offers luxury services, an intimate setting, a private terrace with ocean views and a private beach too.

Finally, for those looking for a luxury accommodation in Zanzibar where to spend pleasant time with the children, there is no lack of family resorts as well: on the northeastern coast you will find Vanilla Beach House, which provides a babysitting service as well as a private butler, is located directly on the beach and can host up to 6 people. A real family paradise.

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What to do in your Zanzibar holidays

The island of Zanzibar is famous all over the world for its crystal clear sea, its breathtaking seabed and its incredible underwater fauna, especially the one that populates the protected marine park called Chumbe Island Coral Park.

But there is not only the sea. There are many other interesting and adventurous activities that you can do and put on your holiday planning during your Zanzibar travel.

Snorkeling Blue Safari

Blue safari and snorkeling

A holiday in Zanzibar is not a holiday without any marine activity!

You can snorkel between coral gardens and steep cliffs that dive into the abyss, take boat trips to discover the beautiful underwater fauna and even dive and swim with the dolphins in the Kizimkazi area, a fishing village on the southern coast of the island.

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Experiences Safari

Safari Zanzibar Escape

For the more adventurous, however, the holidays in Zanzibar will be an opportunity to explore the wild African nature lead by expert guides who will reveal the secrets of still unspoiled places and protected species. In the island's most famous parks you will experience thrilling car safaris and in the evening you can relax in one of Zanzibar's luxury villas, enjoying some relax after the adventure.

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Traditional village life

Finally, remember to dedicate a day of your Zanzibar escape to discover the daily life in a local village: it will be an interesting way to deepen the knowledge of local traditions, to make a tour of the spices and to listen to ancient stories; it is a fascinating and almost magical experience that will allow you to dive in an unknown and ancient world before returning to your Zanzibar luxury accommodation.

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Would you have ever thought thought that a holiday in Zanzibar could be so romantic, adventurous and even relaxing? Your next luxury escape in Zanzibar is very easy to organize: you have to just choose one of the luxurious resorts and live a tailor-made vacation with your family, partner or friends.

Are you ready to live a magical luxurious experience in Zanzibar?