Family Reunion

Family reunion holidays are perfect to gather your loved ones together. If you are looking forward to spending high-quality time, then sharing bonding moments and activities is the key to getting closer. What do family reunion holidays look like? It depends on the characteristics of the group and interests.

Toddlers, kids, teens, adults and elderly people may have different needs. But they have, for sure, a common desire: to share valuable experience with relatives. Furthermore, there might be various occasions for a gathering: Christmas holidays or spring break, weddings, anniversaries, summer vacations and so on.

In any case, family reunion holidays shall be the time for amusement, relax and affection. How to plan the perfect family reunion? Let us take care of it.

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Luxury family holidays ideas and packages

At Itinere we design tailor-made and all-inclusive family reunion holidays, with a special focus for luxury experiences. Every service and activity can be planned in detail to suit your tastes, from accommodation to leisure time.

Whatever the circumstance, you can count on a team of travel and events experts. We will create the perfect family holiday package to match your needs, starting from the destination.

If you are looking for family reunion ideas, our consultants will help you figure out the best solutions. Need entertainment for kids and aged relatives? An idyllic beach resort will definitely suit your needs. Large group vacation with adults? Then, go for something more active, mixing a little bit of adventure, arts and food.

At Itinere we can boast over 200 luxury venues worldwide, ranging from villas, apartments, castles and resorts. Don’t miss the chance to organize a great itinerary, by choosing with us your family leisure activities, including sports, tours, day trips, and even wildlife safaris.

Design your family reunion

Best destinations and 5-star accommodation for large group vacations

For your family reunion holidays and celebrations, we have selected top-rated accommodation in the world. Explore the destinations to put on the wish list for your next family vacation.
Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Family Reunion

1. MarrakechDSC0697620160706 Edit

Family Reunion

Berhaus 1268

Family Reunion

Cat Zanzibar

Tanzania and Zanzibar
Family Reunion

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