Whatever your ideal journey, just focus on the emotions you want to live. Itinere will take care of the rest. Our tailor-made services allow you to relax and have an exclusive luxury vacation.

Experiences remain imprinted in one’s souls. That is why the mission of Itinere is to arrange any minute detail of your holiday - transportation and transfers, on demand services, auxiliary staff. Thanks to our custom package vacations you will not spend days planning your holiday: Itinere will do all the work for you.

As a tour operator specialized in luxury travel, Itinere will make any vacation a unique experience. Starting from exclusive destinations, invaluable itineraries, high-end locations. Make a wish and we will make it come true. Discover our kaleidoscope of tailor-made experiences. True luxury is when you get all that you need before you even ask for it. And this is what Itinere does for you. Just close your eyes and imagine your next holiday.

Safari & Zanzibar escape

Unlock all the secrets of the desert in Africa, choosing among the most famous parks. Discover wildlife, explore local customs and traditions. And then enjoy a private escape in Zanzibar.

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Holidays and Wedding in the desert

For unforgettable vacations and deeply meaningful weddings, the desert will be for sure the best location ever. Hop to the Arab Emirates for a luxury retreat with your family and loved ones.

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Italy: Taste the Dolce Vita

Discover the most iconic cities of Italy: Rome, Florence and Venice. True beauty lies in the shade of concealed places. That is why our tailor-made exclusive tour across Italy will guide you straight to the lesser known corner of these cities.

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