Luxury travel to Italy: best holidays for family and couples

December 12, 2017

2018 trends for all inclusive vacations and tailor-made dream weddings

Luxury travel to Italy seems to be the next big thing in high-end tourism, according to well-traveled people all over the world.

When it comes to top holidays, this country has a lot to offer to every type of traveler, especially to demanding niches of tourists.

Italy’s popularity is increasing fast, due to its glamurous lifestyle and huge cultural heritage. In 2018 the country will be the perfect match for many families and couples, thanks to its great variety of accommodation, facilities, and attractions.

But how can Italy be a suitable destination either for adult-only escapes and kids-friendly vacations? Because of tailor-made packages. Many luxury travel agencies are able to arrange all-inclusive travel formats with high-end services and ultra-customized experiences.

Thanks to the personalization factor, every destination turns out to be perfect for a huge variety of different needs.

This is exactly what we do here at Itinere since the ‘90s. And here’s our travel advice on 2018 Italian holidays trends.

Italy's Dolce Vita suits everybody:
kids, families and lovers.

Most popular travel destinations in Italy in 2018, from north to south

International celebrities and digital influencers have been setting trends on Italy luxury holidays during the past few years. It’s no surprise then that Italian escapes are literally picking up steam among families and young couples.

In terms of destinations, the country of Dolce Vita offers plenty of choices from north to south, ranging from beaches, countryside, snowy mountains and art cities.

Speaking of most popular destinations Rome, Florence and Venice are stuck to the top of the list. Year after year, even the lesser known areas are now growing at a fast pace. This applies to Lake Como - which is attracting people in the star system, including George Clooney.

Celebrities are also crushing on Italian islands Sicily and Sardinia, and the Amalfi Coast with its gems Capri, Sorrento, and Positano. As for countryside lovers and wine enthusiasts, Tuscany and Umbria are the places to be in 2018. And those who are more into niche holidays must take a chance on Apulia and Basilicata.

Any of the above-mentioned destinations are a great choice for your 2018 journeys. But what are the best options for a family vacation? And what about destination wedding and fairy-tale honeymoon?

Don’t miss these tips.

Family Luxury Holidays Italy

Best family holidays: all inclusive packages in Italy

Family luxury travel to Italy is huge in 2018. All inclusive holiday packages provide accommodation, services, amenities and - last but not least - the whole tailor-made experience. Itinere offers a wide collection of fully customizable options, ranging from many housing types, itineraries, tours to leisure activities.

For luxury family holidays in Italy consider resorts and villas as top options, fully staffed and with amenities such as swimming pool, in-house chef, sport trainers, tour guides and so on. If you’re looking for something unusual, think about sailing holidays - which are not only for sea dogs. Speaking of leisure activities, in Italy there are many kid-friendly options to choose from: pizza party, guided tours, sports and adventures such as ballooning. Take a look to Itinere’s choices.

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wedding destination italy

Italian castles and villas as dreamy settings for wedding and events

There was once the honeymoon and still exists. But today the real increasing trend is destination wedding: celebrating the marriage ceremony abroad, to transform the event into a memorable experience for the bride and groom to be, as well as the guests.

Italy is the perfect setting for weddings, featuring fairy-tales locations, experienced planners, top quality services, world-famous food specialties, and wines. And don’t forget you can still visit Italy for your honeymoon!

Those who want to organize a wedding in Italy have plenty of choice in terms of locations. The country is dotted with beautiful villas and majestic castles which, by the way, are the most requested options both for weddings and other event types. Finding the perfect scenery for love and romance it’s not hard. It’s all about the event theme: whether it is a religious or civil ceremony, linked to cultural habits or not. Shall we start to plan your dream wedding?

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Now put luxury travel to Italy in your 2018 holidays wish list. Whether you’re looking for a long-awaited family reunion, a romantic escape or a lavish wedding, make sure to get exactly what you want. We’ll be happy to plan your tailor-made experience in every minute detail.

Did you expect it could be simple as that?