Itinere selection of leisure activities

Stone Town

(half day tour)

Historical Stone Town

Discover the Stone Town, where history appears to stand still. The guided tour includes visits to the Anglican Church and Arab Fort amongst others, and offers a fascinating glimse at the essence of Zanzibar. Don’t miss the chance to explore Zanzibar’s bustling market, wander through winding alleyways, admire cathedrals and mosques. Plunge into an Arabia-like atmosphere.

Spice Tour

(half day)

Spice Tour

This is a special Spice Tour with in depth information not only about spices, but also organically grown herbs and a detailed description about their traditional uses in medicine cosmetics and cooking. After the tour we invite for an opulent lunch, where you can taste the spices and fruits.

Dolphin Tour

(half day from Stone Town)

Dolphin Tour Kizimkazi

Kizimkazi is a fishing village and home to several schools of bottlenose and humpback dolphins, which can be seen on a short boat trip from the village. Maybe you will be lucky enough to swim very close to dolphins. After the boat trip lunch will be taken at a small restaurant in the village or at the beach.

Mneba Atoll


Snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll

Start in the morning with our guide who will take you to Muyuni Beach to embark a traditional dhow. This large sailing boat will take you across to the famous Mnemba Atoll, a marine reserve.

Two amazing snorkeling sites await you at Mnemba, each with its peculiarities: one is characterised by coral gardens while the other by a steep reef that disappears into the abyss.

Safari Blue

(Full Day)

Safari Blue

The tour starts with a drive to the Fumba Peninsula, a 20-minute drive from Stone Town. Upon arrival at the set-off point it takes a bit of time for the boats and gear to be prepped for travel, so expect some waiting around. It is advisable to wear shorts and water-shoes too as you may have to wade when boarding and disembarking your vessel and there are sea urchins and painful coral along the sea bed.


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