Amalfi Coast

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and the terrace of infinity

Ravello and the Terrace of Infinity

Spend the afternoon on a stroll along the tranquil streets of the town to immerse yourself in Italian culture. An half day tour, with our guide starting from Piazza Vescovado, the heart of Ravello with castle ruins, to Villa Ruffolo, a building which is home to much of the art of Ravello, to Villa Cimbrone too famous for its scenic belvedere called the Terrace of Infinity. End the tour with a glass of wine and why not… a dinner at Caruso!

Pompei & Sorrento

Leisure Activity

Pompei and Sorrento

Explore the Pompeii archaeological site to discover the magnificence of Roman civilization. You will enjoy a tour with our guide through the wonderful ruins entombed in ash during Mount Vesuvius eruption dating back to 79AD. Most fascinating sights include the basilica, the forum and the amphitheatre.

After Pompeii, a stop to Sorrento: the typical village in Amalfi Coast characterised by blue sea, aromas of lemon groves and olive orchards and more.


a legendary idyll

Capri: a legendary idyll

One of the most picturesque and visited locations in Italy, this legendary island of unparalleled beauty. Capri has bewitched Roman emperors, Russian revolutionaries and Hollywood stars for ages.

Private boat tour from Amalfi Coast to the marvellous Capri island. Relaxing lunch in an elegant restaurant overlooking the iconic Faraglioni rock and then dive in the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea.

Amalfi Coast

By Night

Amalfi Coast by night

Boat tour at sunset along the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy cocktail and appetizers on board and stop for a pizza dinner in a typical pizzeria. Cruise back at night to see the coast dotted with lights and colors: a real dream.


Cooking Class

Cooking class in Capri

A four-hour cooking class to learn Capri style recipes. Don’t miss the chance to prepare a Caprese salad, a simple, yet delicious, signature dish of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, and basil. Go on with fresh homemade pasta such as ravioli and, finally, make torta caprese, an almond and chocolate cake.


Cooking Class

Cooking class in Positano

Unlock the secrets of natural and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. The chef will teach you all you need to know about the fabulous flavors of Italian cuisine, At the end of the lesson you can taste all the dishes cooked during the class, sitting on the stunning terrace, sipping our local wines and with everyone singing “O Sole Mio”.


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