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Exclusive wedding in Italy: top destinations and venues

February 6, 2018

Destination wedding in Italy: the perfect location for your dream wedding

There are some places in the world where the heart feels at home. Where dreams come true, and you are part of an unbelievable experience.

Italy is one of those places. Where emotions really belong.

That is why it is a perfect location for your dream wedding and why so many people every year choose to celebrate their destination wedding in Italy.

Over the past few years Italy has become one of the best places to celebrate the wedding experience with family and friends.

Destination wedding in Italy, wedding packages in Capri or Tuscan weddings, in fact, are on top of the list. The so-called Bel Paese has endless spots to offer indeed.

Why getting married in Italy is the ultimate option for your destination wedding.

Wedding day: what a beautiful and important day it is! The white dress, the dance with all your family and friends, the promise of a life together. Let’s say it: marriage is one of the most important events of a lifetime. And not only because of the fancy moments you are thrilled to organize and to live but also because it is a dream come true, a moment to commit to another person for life, a space to feel safe and to be loved forever. And what’s best if not marrying in an elegant, dreamy and perfect location? That’s why getting married in Italy is what you deserve: because Italy it is one of the top destination, because it offers wonderful location to celebrate what really means to you, because its history and its beauty are admired everywhere.

The perfect venues for your destination wedding in Italy

p>If you don’t know where to start no worries, as us from Itinere Villas have already been caught by the evocative aura of the Italian location that we cannot wait to tell you! We can start by suggesting you some of the most wanted venues related to your destination wedding in Italy, to celebrate your special day and to remember its sparkles forever.

Itinere will take care of your dreams

As a luxury tour operator we know how important is to have someone you can trust and who can help you to manage all you need and to make your dream come true.

We arrange tailor-made Italy wedding packages and advice on the best wedding venues like villas, castles and resorts. Thanks to our wide professional network: we can provide top-rated wedding planners and any service supplier.

We will completely personalize your wedding experience with solutions perfectly suitable to all your desires. A tailor-made service and the love of a caring family for your dream wedding in Italy!

Longing for destination wedding in Italy?