Explore your Italian roots: plan a custom ancestry tour

August 20, 2018

Tailor-made vacation discovering Italian roots

Have you ever thought that you could have Italian roots? A personalized Italy ancestry tour is the best way to find out! It is a truly unique experience, both for those who know they have Italian ancestors, and for those who would like to discover where they come from. A genealogy tour is a real journey through time, discovering ancient Italian families and unknown places, a small country that may have given birth to your great-grandfather or be the place where your grandparents got married. Suggestive, right?

The genetic tourism, although it is a relatively recent trend, is increasingly requested and appreciated by those who want to know their roots and Southern Italy is one of the places where this research becomes more fascinating because the time here really seems to have stopped: shaded alleys, historic houses, churches unchanged for centuries and even the flavors and aromas of the past thanks to the traditional cuisine. Thanks to the possibility of organizing a tailor-made Italy ancestry tour, you will be looking for your trace italian roots and at the same time you will live an unforgettable holiday in wonderful lands, which attract travelers every year from all over the world. Here are some ideas of how your ancestor tour could be in search of your Italian heritage.

Genealogy tour in Southern Italy

A tailor-made holiday is already something special, but if you have decided to embark on a heritage tour, what awaits you is truly incredible. Thanks to a guide specialized in genealogical research, you will go through every step of the research path: you will talk with the locals, take a tour of the city archives to discover documents and old papers until you find yourself in front of what has been the home of your grandparents, great-grandparents or Italian ancestors. Not only. You could meet lost relatives or you did not even think you had! Some of the preferred destinations for genetic tourism are certainly Italian regions such as Apulia, Sicily and Toscana but you can organize a custom made ancestry tour wherever you want.

Apulia Box


The heel of Italy, famous for its trulli and its wonderful sea, is one of the most sought destinations so you can combine your ancestor tour to a pleasant stay. Lecce with its baroque architecture, the white city of Ostuni or the splendid Salento peninsula are some of the places where you could find your Italian roots.

Sicily - Itinere Destinations


The largest island in Italy is perhaps one of the places where territorial belonging and patriotic pride are stronger and more rooted. If your ancestry tour takes you to Sicily, you will be the protagonist of an unforgettable journey: between Palermo, Trapani and Taormina, up to the valley of the Agrigento temples and the countless archipelagos.

Basilicata - Itinere Destinations


A place still little known, set between land and sea, Basilicata is a region of forests, mountains and blue sea. You may find that your ancestors lived in one of the striking stones of Matera, the houses carved out of stone built thousands of years ago, or they were married in one of over 150 churches.


Tuscany and Umbria

Tuscany is world-famous for its artistic beauties and its landscapes; in this italian region there are a lot of little countries: maybe your ancestors lived in one of those historic city centers. Umbria is another region rich of history and there are a lot of beauties everywhere: organize your ancestor tour in Umbria will be great.

Thanks to the expert guides and to the personalized services, you’ll live a very exciting experience in Italy discovering magical places. If you want to know something more about your Italian roots, you just need to organize an adventurous Italy ancestry tour.