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Game Drivers

Game Drives

Many camps are situated in the best locations to ensure your game viewing is world-class. Whether this is your first safari and you are looking for the Big Five, or you are an old hand searching for an unusual sighting, nothing beats the exhilaration of tracking and then finding that elusive creature.


Photo Safari

Followed by trained drivers who will place their vehicles in the right places for photographers, you will collect memorable pictures forever. Sandbags for stability are available in vehicles, which also have charging facilities.

Walking Safari

Walking Safari

There is no better way to experience the African bush than on foot. It is likely that you will get close to larger mammals with experienced walking guides, but this is your chance to explore the environment from the ground up, learning about animal tracks, the beetles and bugs, the grasses, bushes and trees and the astounding birdlife.

Cultural Walks

TANZANIA, AFRICA FEBRUARY 9, 2014: Masai Warriors Dancing Tradi

Camp guides and managers are mostly drawn from local communities, allowing you a unique insight into the rich culture that defines these corners of East Africa. They are always eager to share their culture with interested guests, and visits to nearby communities and homesteads are easily arranged.

Hot air Balloon

Balloon Tanzania

Balloon safaris are a romantic and evocative way of experiencing the wild zones of East Africa. Glide silently over the vast plains teeming with herds of wildlife in the early morning. Typically, a balloon safari begins at around 6 am and lasts for one to two hours. Balloon safaris (additional cost) in the Serengeti take off from designated sites in the nearby Seronera area. The safari is followed by breakfast in the bush, a fitting end to a memorable flight in the wild.

Fly camping

Fly Camp

Imagine going to sleep at night with only the sounds of the African bush around you, and the stars as the only lights overhead. A night at your own personal campsite deep in the bush gives you a true wilderness experience: there is nothing between you and the African bush. Accompanied by an armed guide, you spend the afternoon on a walking safari to the fly camp, a comfortable yet solo site in the bush. If your camp is pitched beyond comfortable walking distance, you may access it via a game drive. Fly camping may take you a little outside your comfort zone, but once you try it, you will be hooked (at an additional cost).

Night drives

Night Safari

The African bush does not sleep at night! Learn about and encounter Africa’s elusive nocturnal creatures on a night drive, whether you are searching for the rare pangolin or watching a leopard hunt, you will be surprised by what goes on after dark.

Boat safaris in Selous

Boat Safari

Tanzania’s largest river is the great Rufiji/Selous, formed by the convergence of the Kilombero and Luwegu rivers. Its main tributary is the Great Ruaha River. Explore the different channels and lakes of the Rufiji River by boat, surrounded by hippo, Nile crocodile and rich array of water birds.

Horseback Riding

Horse Safari

Horseback riding in the Mara is something you shouldn’t miss. Book a morning or afternoon ride of up to 2 hours with a maximum of 8 riders. Experience the Mara in a way you never have before.

Birding safaris

Bird Safari

East Africa’s birdlife is rich and diverse, with over 1000 species in Kenya and Tanzania together. Specialist birding guides can be arranged for serious twitchers.

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